Purpose of this document: to provide SGRC a summary of key issues, inputs and outputs of TIPSY and BatchTIPSY as well as general information on the model

TIPSY = Table Interpolation Program for Stand Yields

What is TIPSY?

TIPSY is a growth and yield program that can produce a number of graphic and tabular outputs for stand yields, as well as some economic information.  For the SGRC, the important output of TIPSY is the Yield Table output in m3/ha, which is a necessary input for CBM-CFS3.  As well, new in version 4.2 is biomass and carbon output tables.

BatchTIPSY allows for multiple stands to be processed at once by reading a text input file.


TIPSY is currently at version 4.2.

Model Provider

B.C. Forest Service – Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations


Download the model

The model can be downloaded from the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations


Forest region, forest district, biogeoclimatic zone, slope, species, % composition, site index, stock height (of planted trees), stand regeneration (planted vs. natural), delay in regeneration and stem density.


Of interest to the SGRC for carbon management is the yield curve output (m3/ha) and new in version 4.2 biomass and carbon outputs.

Difficulties or Problems for SGRC to implement model as a web tool:

  1. TIPSY requires interactive user input, and is on a per-stand basis.
  2. BatchTIPSY can read a text file with multiple stands, but the input file still requires interactive mapping.  The input file is also space delimited, which makes it a little ugly to work with.

Training – none currently offered