Summer update

It’s been a warm August here in the Kootenays, but we have managed to continue with some field work on our College Carbon Offset project. A crew of four students was out installing permanent plots and sampling biomass in the Castlegar Campus’ Death Valley area.  This complements the applied research work that two of our forestry technology grads started over the winter. Have a look at our student activities page to see some of the these efforts.

Some current information pieces from the B.C. Ministry of Environment’s Climate Action Secretariat page are worth checking out, including an update on B.C.’s climate action plan an info on the public sector’s carbon neutrality status. There is also still an opportunity to comment on the Government’s carbon tax policy. Check this out on the B.C. Ministry of Finance page. A follow up to this is an interesting recent news piece on the B.C. carbon tax in the Financial Post.